Sizing a server

Sizing a server

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Hi, I need to determine what kind of server I need that will handle,
say, 200-300 simultaneous web users. I don't need hard figures, just a
sense. I've looked at the WebSPEC results for various servers, but
don't know how a rating of, say, 623 HTTP requests per second relates
to number of users. Would I take that number, divide it by the
"average" number of items on a page (e.g. 6) and say that such a
server can handle downloading about 100 pages per second, or, if we're
assuming each user can wait 10 seconds for the download of a page,
such a server can handle 1000 simultaneous users (assuming static
text/graphics is what's being downloaded, no cgi scripts running)? Is
that a valid way to do the math? Any input welcome!

Please respond to my email account as I don't usually read this



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I have some question on threads and server size on the enterprise
How do I interprete the minimum and maximum server threads?
The settings are minimum 4 and maximum 128.
When I monitor the activity on this server teh numbers are
server size 16 of 257
thread utilization 13 of 16.

Should I set the (min. and/or max.?) threads higher?

What exacty is the effect of the listen queue? It isn't specified, so
it should be 128. Is this fine.

The processes is set to 1, 'cause ther is only 1 processor. Is this


Eddy De Clercq

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