Server gives error when linking to *.exe

Server gives error when linking to *.exe

Post by Paul Sutto » Mon, 29 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Hi all. Running Apache 1.2.5 -- I have a .exe file that I would like to
>distribute via a link on a web page. I note other pages simply link to .exe
>files, and the browser initiates a download when you click the link.
>on my server, this doesn't happen. I've tried a variety of permissions but
>always get server errors.

So what are the "server errors" then? Read the error_log.

Incidently, .exe files are not special, they are treated like any other
file extension. That is, the MIME type is assigned from mime.types,
unless overridden by an AddType. Check your mime.types maps exe to

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Server gives error when linking to *.exe

Post by Paul Sutto » Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:00:00

>The error given is a 500. Is there by chance a well stocked "default"

A 500 error will always log something to logs/error_log. Have
a look in there for more details....

Quote:>mime.types file for use with 1.2.5?  Mine looks a little disorganized (many
>entries without listing the extension).

>Keep in mind I've inherited this project, and am trying to come up to speed
>with no support, no coworkers or friends doing something similar, etc.

You can always get the latest mime.types by downloading the
current Apache source distribution and extracting it. The mime.types
is in conf/mime.types-dist (copy to your conf directory, and
rename to mime.types).



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