apache mod_proxy functionality

apache mod_proxy functionality

Post by Glen Eusta » Wed, 12 Jun 2002 10:44:37

mod_proxy has undergone a number of changes recently (1.3.23),
however, it would appear to still not provide a function that I need.

According to RFC2068, section 13.1.1, if the origin server is unable
to be contacted, then a proxy may return previously cached content,
provided that the specified conditions are meet.

I had a version of 1.3.12 that I hacked to achieve this, has anyone
implemented or is anyone considering implementing this using the
1.3.23 source ? I am probably going to have another go but the current
source is somewhat different and I don't want to re-design the wheel
if I don't need to.

Any comments appreciated.



1. Apache 1.1b* mod_proxy patch (Expires)

Over the last couple of days, Paul Callahan and myself have been
working with the Apache 1.1b4 src. We found a typo in mod_proxy.c
Expire vs Expires. Below is a the output of :

diff mod_proxy.c.new mod_proxy.c.orig

<     expire = get_header(resp_hdrs, "Expires");
<     if (expire != NULL)
<       Explain1("cache_update:  Read Expire as %s from header",
<     else
<       Explain0("cache_update:  No expires found");

Whoops :)


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