CGI Script Archive and Perl Resource

CGI Script Archive and Perl Resource

Post by S.F. Finl » Wed, 22 Dec 1999 04:00:00

If you are looking for CGI scripts and information about Perl, apache,
htaccess, etc. please check out

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Sheldon Finlay

Sheldon Finlay
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1. Perl CGI script gets CGI params as ARGV arguments under Apache2


recently we installed Apache2 for tests with our web scripts and
discovered that the webserver calls them with all given CGI parameters
as one string argument. This was discovered because one script trys to

contains any entry... and in fact, under Apache2 it does! :-(
We don't know if this is a change in behaviour on behalf of the
webserver or if this is simply a Apache2 missconfiguration.
Does anybody out there has an answer to the question how we can get
back to the old behaviour? Or is this completely impossible?

Thanks in advance, best regards,
J?rn Janoschek.

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