JServ: "Document contains no data" problem

1. CGI Problem "Document Contained No Data"

I am attempting without to run a bulletin board cgi program called
"wwwboard" on a remote web server.  I previously ran the program
successfully with Netscape on the Apache server on my computer.  The
directory structure is different, but I think I have made the directory
changes to run on the server.  The html portion of the program seems to run
OK, but each time I try to access the cgi program, I get the following
Netscape error:

"The document contained no data.
Try again later, or contact the server's administrator"

I get the same error whether I am accessing the cgi program directly or
indirectly through the html program.

Other simpler programs run just fine when accessed directly with Netscape.

The program is located at www.glfwda.org and is accessed via the "bulletin
board" hot link on the first page.

Output from the server indicates that it is a "Zeus" server.  I'm not sure
whether that is a Unix-based server or not.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?


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