ANNOUNCE: Cheetah Web Server Beta - NT, Solaris, Win 95 & OpenVMS

ANNOUNCE: Cheetah Web Server Beta - NT, Solaris, Win 95 & OpenVMS

Post by Tim Sylvest » Mon, 01 Jan 1996 04:00:00

A free Beta test version of TGV's new Cheetah Web Server 1.0 is now
available.  Cheetah is a high performance, multi-threaded Web Server that
supports Windows NT (Intel and Alpha), Windows 95, Solaris and OpenVMS.

The beta test software can be downloaded from the TGV's World Wide Web  

A preliminary data sheet describing the Cheetah Web Server and the press
release announcing the OpenVMS version of Cheetah are included in this

Your input during the beta test process will be greatly appreciated.


Tim Sylvester                                                            
     Product Line Manager  

Preliminary Data Sheet - Cheetah Web Server 1.0  

Platforms Support

  OpenVMS 6.1 or greater (VAX and Alpha) - requires MultiNet 3.5  
  Solaris 2.4 or greater (SPARC)  
  Windows NT 3.51 or greater (Intel and Alpha)  
  Windows 95                                                            

Architected for High Performance
  HTML Document cache  
  Multi-threaded server                                                  

  Built in support for image map processing                              

Easy of Use and Management                                              
            HTML Management Interface                                    
                   Port Numbers                                          
                        Server Name                                      
                             Directory Maps                              
                                  Access Control                        

  HTML-based Documentation                                              

  Common Gateway Interface (CGI 1.1)                                    
       Application Development Interface (ADI)                          


         Basic (clear text)                                              
              Message Digest (encrypted)                                

  Access Control to Server and Documents                                
         IP Address                                                      
              Domain Name                                                


                     Cheetah Web Server for OpenVMS                      

San Francisco, CA (DECUS'95 Moscone Convention Center) (December 4, 1995)
    (NASDAQ:TGVI) TGV announced today its high-performance Cheetah Web
Combining an advanced multi-threaded design and easy-to-use HTML
and programming feature, the Cheetah Web Server delivers the most
OpenVMS Web server for corporate Intranets.                              

The Cheetah Web Server achieves the highest performance in the industry
using an advanced multi-threaded architecture.  This architecture reduces
the process overhead associated with multiple concurrent Web server
sessions, and results in substantial performance improvements over other
Web servers.

Cheetah is also the easiest Web server to setup and manage in the
industry    today.  The secure HTML management interface and flexible
user access
control allow Webmasters to easily manage the Web environmentremotely
the corporate intranet using any Web browser.Administrators already
with TGV's industry-leading MultiNet TCP/IP software will also appreciate
Cheetah's integrated management utilities. The Cheetah Web Server
complete HTML-based documentation.                                      

Web site developers can easily create complex Web sites using Cheetah's  
     extensible development environment.  The Cheetah Web Server's  
optimized      support for the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) guarantees
low overhead        operation.  Support for the Spyglass Application
Development Interface (ADI)  enables developers to achieve significant
performance gains for add-on Web    applications and databases.          

"Our new Cheetah Web Server for OpenVMS capitalizes on years of
experience    providing server-based networking solutions to the OpenVMS
market," said  
Craig A. Conway, TGV's President and CEO. "Cheetah demonstrates that
experience with its superior speed, ease of use, and functionality."

Pricing and Availability                                                

Cheetah for OpenVMS will available in February, 1996, and is priced at
$795.  Interested Beta sites should contact TGV immediately.  To contact
TGV, call   800-TGV-3440 or 408-457-5200, E-mail or connect

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