Correct file owner for html files ?

Correct file owner for html files ?

Post by santi_fis.. » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 00:37:29

Pls excuse me if this is a very basic question, but I've been doing
some research to find an answer and so far no luck.
I'm setting up an intranet server with Apache 1.3.12 on RH6.2.
Who should be the owner of the html files and directories ? What's
the "recommended" way to do it ?
Should it be "nobody" ? Or root ? Or a specific user created for that,
like "httpd" (or whatever) ? Any recommendations as for permissions for
those files ?
I'm more inclined to the last one, but definately not sure...
Also, I believe the user "nobody" should be the owner of cgi scripts in
the cgi-bin directory, in order for the httpd process to be able to
execute them. Is this correct ? Is there a better way to do it ?
Any help will be highly appreciated. A pointer to an on-line document
describing this would be great, too.
Thanks for your time,

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Hey all, got a question.

this is weird.
if you request a URL such as you actually
get the file

now way is that ?

Why don't servers just give error 404, Not Found, for the first URL, since
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listing of it, in case there's no default file there ?
It's not asking for the file file.html but for the directory, so why do I get
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I'm confused by this....

Thanks in advance,

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