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Anyone out there tinkered with Midgard, and have some admin experience
stories to share?

I'm curious about it as an "upgrade" or side-shift to the typical
PHP/MySQL Apache combo.



1. Midgard, Zope, Mason ...or something better

Hi there:

I am looking around for an application server, and the above choices seem
to be the best ones (that I am aware of). However, I am not quite sure
which one would be best. What i wanna do...? a portal like site that is
going to run on Linux/Apache (of course!) and will have mysql db's, i would
also like to use php to interface with mysql and creation of dynamic web
pages...Midgard seems to be best for what i wanna do, but since i have no
personal experience with any of them (only read their docs and seen their
demos, though i must say i found more sites listed as using Mason, than
Zope, or Midgard), i would like to know the opinion of people who have used
any of those out there ...Ahhh! if you know, also would like to know your
opinion as far as performance and ease of use on the one app server you use
(some of the people in this project are not programmers)...


Jorge M.

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