Excite search-engine config

Excite search-engine config

Post by p.. » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Solaris 2.5.1

I have downloaded & installed 'E* for Webservers' and it works
fine.  There is one tweak I want to do though.  When I get the search
results and the searched for expression appears 'n' times in a file
that file is named 'n' times.  How can I get E* to return the file
name once only regardless of the amount of times the searched for
expression appears?

Please email any help to

as I can't get news too often!




1. Excite Search Engine 1.1 on irix 5.3

I would appreciate help or pointers to help.

Installed 1.1 just fine. When I run the index, I get:
www 50# ./aindex.pl WebData
Bad system call - core dumped

No such file or directory
Error encountered.

The help files say to check permissions and ownership. No help on that one.

Is there an easy way to identify the "Bad system call" that happened? I have
the core file, but I'm not familiar with the tools to resolve this.


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