Compile mod_auth_mysql on RH 7.3?

Compile mod_auth_mysql on RH 7.3?

Post by Dave Nutta » Tue, 01 Oct 2002 19:48:12

On a very generic server install of RH 7.3, I've added MySQL from
via RPMS and then compiled Apache 2.0.40 from source, installed and it runs

When I compile mod_auth_mysql, either from the latest SourceForge or from, the first apxs -c -D APACHE2 -lmmysqlclient mod_auth_mysql.c runs
and creates the expected output.

However, when I try to finalize it, via apxs -i the process
fails because for some reason it can't seem to WRITE to

Anybody seen such a problem and/or know how to resolve it?


Dave Nuttall
San Antonio, TX


1. Help: how to compile mod_auth_mysql as a so on RH 6.2??

Having searched many places (deja/altavista) but still no solution...

How can I build the mod_auth_mysql module as a shared module
(so) on a RH (6.2) linux system??? Even moving header files
to directories the ./configure script uses by default and doing:

./configure --with-apxs

gives me a makefile that doesn't do anything... (except giving me
an error). Also, the c file needs a .h which I can't find?? Is this
one generated by a script??




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