Output from cgi scripts displaying as text not html formatted text

Output from cgi scripts displaying as text not html formatted text

Post by Roger Myer » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am running Solaris 2.5.1 with Apache 1.2.b8 and am having problems with
cgi (Perl) script output not being formatted in the browser.  The conf
files seem to be in order, and the script is definitely running and
producing output.  I can run the script manually and redirect the output to
a file and the browser display the html created without a problem, but when
the output is directed to the browser the html goes to the screen as raw
html text and it not formatted.  I have successfully written cgi scripts
that run under Netscape server that display without a problem.  I have
reviewed the headers repeatedly and don't see a problem.  I feel at this
point that it must be an Apache config thing.  Anyone encounter this one?  


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Currently I am running the cross-breed Sun server that came with a
Netra 2.0 box (Solaris 2.4). This is a  NCSA 1.3 with a bit of Apache
(vurtual hosts and a bit of security) thrown in.

I wan to upgrade to NCSA 1.5.1 or Apache 1.0.?

I have downloaded the source and precompiled binaries for both.  When
I configure it and put it up running on port 8080, when I ask for a
document - I get a message from netscape saying
"... text/x-server-parsed-html ..Configure viewer?"

The only mention of text/x-server... in the source is the

Why would the servers be doing this?

Check it out for yourself at http://www.domino.com:8080

be bounced.

Thanks in advance

Matt Westby

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