Apache 1.0.3 forces all docs to text/plain

Apache 1.0.3 forces all docs to text/plain

Post by Dean Karr » Sun, 21 Jul 1996 04:00:00

We just had an interesting occurance. We are running the 1.0.3 Apache
server under BSDI/OS 2.1 on a pentium box. At around 7:59 last night the
server started reporting in the error_log that it received a SIGSEGV and
dumped core. I have not found a core file yet. This message repeates
every few seconds until about 8:30.

Shortly thereafter our users start reporting that they are getting only
html source in their browser windows [netscape 2+, MSExporer and Lynx].
This behaviour stays around for a bit and then seems to have cleared up.

Have you seen anything like thos? Do you know what causes it?

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I don't know why it's so popular to have the Linux documentation in HTML
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1. I often like to read documentation on paper, and it's a lot easier to
print something in plain text than in HTML format. (Especially if you
have a non-Postscript printer and are printing the docs from DOS or
Windows, *before* you install Linux.) If people want Postscript, then by
all means give it to them, but don't forget to include plain text too.

2. I like to read documentation from top to bottom and it's a pain in
the neck to have to change WWW pages all the time.

3. The way these things turn out when converted to HTML, a page will
often contain nothing but 3 lines of text and some "back" and "next"
buttons. It's absurd, it takes 30 seconds to download something I can
read in 2 seconds. If people are going to use HTML, at least make the
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