Where to store .class files on a Web server

Where to store .class files on a Web server

Post by Umberto Millett » Wed, 21 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm thinking about the directory structure of our
Web site, and in particular where to place .class
Java files. My plan is to have a common/java that
holds various directories, one per applet.  I want
all these applets to share some packages, held in a
classes directory.  Where do I put this directory,
and will the imports work?  I guess I need help
understanding how CLASSPATH works when downloading
a .class file from a web site.  Obviously it has
the path to the .class file itself, and it will
look for .class files in CODEBASE.  Will it also
look in the directory where the applet is for other  
.class files?
Please help, packages are enough of a pain to
figure out on a local disk, I dread trying to
figure this out...

Please email replies,

many thanks,


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What web servers out there support advanced document control?
By "advanced document control" I mean the following:

1. Users can go to a web page that shows icons representing
   files stored on the web server.  These files can be anything.
   The user can click on the icon to check out a file.  The
   file is downloaded to the host running the browser and the
   cooresponding application is spawned so they can edit, view
   etc... the file.  (This part is easy...)

2. After editing the file they can "save" it to the web server
   (this is the tricky part).  The web server is smart enough to
   unlock the file (allow others to "check it out") once it is
   returned and optionally store the old version.

Is there a module for apache or features of NES 2.0 to allow this
or would something like this involve some sort of custom ftp'ing
scripts to grab the file from the host that checked it out after
the file was saved to the local disk by the application?

Thanks for any input...

        - Dan

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