WAP/WML cgi broken! apache/mod_perl CGI::WML

WAP/WML cgi broken! apache/mod_perl CGI::WML

Post by Michael Buen » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 06:21:54

sorry if this comes out twice, but i didn't see it after i
posted it yesterday...


i'm  trying to write some cgi for a wap
application, but even the simplest  code
cannot be displayed on my wap browser
(ericcson r280 with UP.browser 3.1.1).

however, when i run this script and put it into a
static .wml file, my wap browser does just
fine (removed header first).

i've tried this with a suite of emulators,
all of which work just fine with the cgi
version.  the phone error is "1015 invalid content type".

other info:  webserver: apache 1.3.19 mod_perl/1.25
with  PerlSendHeader off

OS: linux redhat 7.0
perl: 5.6.0

here's the code, (no, its not useful
but does emphasize that its not the wml

#! /usr/bin/perl
use CGI::WML;
my $q =  new CGI::WML;
print $q->header();

print qq|
<?xml version="1.0"?>

        <card id="main" title="Hello">

note: i've also tried xml version 1.1 and printing
the header manually. no luck...

yes, the apache config is set up to deliver
the mime types text/vnd.wap.wml and text/x-hdml,
wmlscript, etc.

yes, the cgi and mod_perl seems to be working
as i can generate lots of html output with
the current cgi configuration.

no,  there's no errors in the apache errorlog

so, its probably the phone or the service provider
(at&t), right?  i just bought an nokia 7190
(which is a GSM phone) under cingular
to test this but the service isn't up yet...

any help on the above dilemma would be greatly appreciated!

-michael bueno


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