URL without file name extension with Apache

URL without file name extension with Apache

Post by Christian Ottossso » Fri, 31 Dec 1999 04:00:00


To make my URLs really persistent I want to use the file names without
the file name extension in the URLs. The file "foo.html" in my home
directory should have the URL "http://server/foo", instead of
"http://server/foo.html". If I later on call my file "foo.php3" (to let
the Apache server know how to handle it) I still want the URL to be the
same, "http://server/foo". Right now I want this to work for ".html",
".shtml" and ".php3" extensions on an Apache server

The issue is discussed more thorough on

Please, tell me how to do it!

Christian Ottosson


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i would like to use sed to extract a group of files with extensions


i only want to extract filename with the .txt extension. In the above,
the word "test" would be what i want (not "test.txt")

i tried to use this but doesn't work...

for file in `ls -1 *.txt |sed -e 's/.*\.log$//'

any help woiuld be appreciateed..


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