Request headers - 'Reload', <SHIFT>+'Reload'

Request headers - 'Reload', <SHIFT>+'Reload'

Post by Oleg Bartun » Sat, 13 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I was wondering what request headers browser send
when user press 'Reload' ('Refresh') and
<shift>+'Reload'.  Actually I interested about IE 4 (5)
browsers. NS 4 seems send Pragma: no-cache

--  Oleg
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time {
  while ((i+=1<10000))
  do : >a >b >c

takes 2.54 seconds real time (all user time) on my machine,
but replacing the 'do' line above with 'do >a >b >c' increases the
real time by a factor of 10 (with two thirds of it system time).
Is a fork, or fork-exec being done in the second case?

Curiously, I couldn't get anywhere the speed of the first one even using
the following perl script (which took just as long as the second case):

while($i++<10000) {
  open(A, ">a"); open(B, ">b"); open(C, ">c");

How does the korn shell do this so fast!

Any help would be appreciated.



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