Apache SSL Certificates

Apache SSL Certificates

Post by Max Dittric » Thu, 01 Mar 2001 21:17:24

> Im running solaris 2.7, apache_1.3.9,
> mod_sssl 2.6.x, open_ssl 0.9.x,
> and RSAref2.0.  My production certificates
> are expiring within 30 days
>  and I have forgotten the procedure to
> install the new certicate.  Do I
>  need to compile the entire Apache product again?



> How do I generate the private key?

Under "contrib" from www.modssl.org you find an archive called
sslhelpers (dont know it exactly), which consists of shell-scripts
wrapping the openssl-calls. With these its very easy to create new
certificates (self-signed CAs also).


p.s. stop crossposting


1. apache + ssl + certificate +netscape = error?

I am working with apache +ssl. I have installed the apassl package from
 I can connect to the apache, but whenever I use another value than 0
 SSLVerify , my Netscape 4.0.5 gets the following error:
 A network error occured while Nescape was receiving data.
The error-log says the following:

[Sun Nov 22 16:32:48 1998] created shared memory segment #2944[Sun Nov
22 16:32:48 1998] Server configured -- resuming normal operations
[Sun Nov 22 16:33:06 1998] SSL_Accept failed
[Sun Nov 22 16:33:06 1998] error:140890AC:SSL
routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE:no certificate returned

Is this a problem of the client or the serverconfiguration?
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