Need source for NSCA httpd_1.3

Need source for NSCA httpd_1.3

Post by Marc Slemk » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

>I have been looking through archie at all ftp sites possible to find an old
>version of the NCSA web server (httpd_1.3).  If anyone has source files for
>that server, would you be so kind as to lead me to them.  I am working on a
>software library known as MORE, it seems pretty cool.  It uses Oracle, Sunos,
>gcc, and httpd_1.3.  I need the .h files specifically.  I gotta see whats
>going on so that I can make the necessary mods to use apache.  Thanks in

MetaCrawler[0] ( can find a few
locations if you search for httpd_1.3.  


[0] shameless plug


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