Internet Presence Provider for People who would like to have their business known world wide

Internet Presence Provider for People who would like to have their business known world wide

Post by Jay D Riba » Sat, 09 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>                                       We'll Make You Known Worldwide

How?  By spamming newsgroups??

1. Internet Presence Provider


An Internet Presence Provider offering Virtual Domain Services and
Virtual Merchant Server(sm) for the real world.

NetRunners is not just another virtual hosting service, we provide
clients with two(2) IPs; one for your virtual WWW server, the second
for Anonymous FTP, each thier own server.  NetRunners is dedicated for
providing the best virtual service to real businesses by providing our
Services on Ultra Sparcs servers, not PCs prone to breakdowns.

International Customers Welcome!

Look at what we provide:

Virtual Services
  For Businesses that wish to have a presence on the Internet.
        * Virtual Domain        eg:
        * Virtual Anonymous FTP eg:

        * 25 MB of WWW space
        * 10 MB of FTP sapce
        * 10 MB of Mail space
        * Unlimited Transfers/Bandwidth
        * Your own cgi-bin directory
        * Tools like JAVA, Tcl/Tk, Perl, msql, gcc, etc...
        * Full 1.5Mb T-1
        * Unlimited Aliases
        * Right to resell space
        * An Excite Search Engine
        * No Setup Fees
PRICE: $35/Month

Virtual Merchant Server
  This is for merchants who do now want to handle the task of
  online billing.  We do it for them, Securely and Reliably.
  Virtual Merchant Server works with your existing Merchant account.
  It includes:
        * All Virtual Services
        * Your own Merchant Account, if you do not have one.
        * Able to accept all Credit Cards:
                VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, EuroCard
                JCB, and others.
        * Your own Secure Order Capture Page.
        * We handle the notification to the customers and charges.
PRICE: $75/Month + Virtual Service Fee


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