A question about the CERN httpd and Linux bug

A question about the CERN httpd and Linux bug

Post by Rachel Polanski » Wed, 16 Aug 1995 04:00:00

can anyone fill me in on this?

I actually use the NCSA server, but am investigating the matter for someone who
has been suffering intermittent faults, apparently due to this so called bug.

Is there a patch, and if so, where do you find it?

What workarounds are available regarding this problem?

Could anyone who cares to answer, please email a response, as well as posting
to this group?






1. Newbie - (dumb CERN httpd question, Linux as server, which server ?)

Hello all,

  Here are a few ignorant questions (I have scoured the newsgroups, and just
can't find what I'm looking for, so please go easy on me!). :

 A friend and I are planning to start a Web server to allow small businesses in
our area to advertise.  We want to do CGI's, image maps, forms, etc ...  I have
a few questions for anyone to answer (please send me email) :

 1) The more research I do, it seems like Linux is the best way to go over a
Windows based server setup.  Does anyone dispute  this or have input on it ?
much of a concern is security (I read the CERN security FAQ last night)?

2) Assuming we run with Linux,  which server should we run (CERN, NCSA,

3) I have CERN httpd on my linux partition, and am able to run it, but I get
   strangest problem.  I know it's my ignorance , but I can't seem to find the
answer anywhere.  I have a directory that I set up in the /etc/httpd.conf file
and when i do a http://myhost/ using Netscape (v1.x), I get the directory, just
as I expect.  When click on my test html documents, all I get is the list
again.  I am running the server in verbose mode, and do not see any glaring
problems (but I am new to this stuff!).  I see where it resolves my html
document name and figures out the content length, but still no document.
Here's the really weird part - I set up a welcome.html document, and when I use
the URL specified above, I get the document!  This doc has links to my other
test documents, but
when I click on the link, nothing !  I read about all of the content types that
cern httpd needs to be able to handle, but I also read that they are all almost
builtin to the web server app.  I'm at my wits end with my own ignorance!
help !!

  Thanks for any response

  Bob Lewis

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