Where Can I Find Ready-to-Run Servlet Code?

Where Can I Find Ready-to-Run Servlet Code?

Post by EricFe » Thu, 07 May 1998 04:00:00

Ref. subject, where can I find some *.java Servlet source code?  I just
_finally_ got the Java-Apache Project's JServ v0.9.10 servlet engine to work
... it'll run simple servlets just fine (e.g., HelloWorldServlet, Count,
SimpleServlet), but I can't the the more complex servlets to run (e.g.,
BBoardServlet) ...

Before I ran the test servlets, I recompiled them from the *.java source that
was included w/ the JServ 0.9.10 distribution --- successful, clean compile, no
All servlets are in the same subdirectory, so I'd think that if one works, the
other should work too ...

Got URLs  to any good sites for servlet code?  I already tried searching
GAMELAN, but didn't find a servlet "archive" or contrib area.




1. Any "ready-to-run" projects for "servers" available?


I'm just curious about this, since I already run a
FreeBSD firewall/server, but woudl be interested in
giving friends/etc. a "server" to do all of this...

Say I have an extra machine.  Is there a "ready-to-
run" server type project available (*BSD preferred,
but Linux OK)?  I'm thinking of something like the
Linux Router Project, except targeted for home/small
biz "appliance" use (ie. Samba, mail, webadmin etc.).

I know it's not that hard to configured everything,
but I'm just curious if anyone has gone to the effort
to create a "product" that does all of this with
results similar to the Cobalt type machines.  I figure
that if someone already has everything ready to install
from a single CD, with web-admin, etc. to create a
"network appliance" why reinvent the wheel?

Anyway, I did some googling, but the terms for a project
like this (ie. linux/freebsd server iso download)
results in nothing similar to this.


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