CERN 3.0 ACLs: On host only?

CERN 3.0 ACLs: On host only?

Post by Gregory Bo » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to set up some subdirectories to be protected by ip address
only.  I can use the GET-MASK entry in the PROTECTION {} entry in the
conf file and it works fine, giving a 403 ("Forbidden - server refuses
to serve to your IP address") when accessed from another IP address.

But I want to be able to do this with ACL files, because I want it to be
on a directory-by-directory basis and updatable without having to
restart the httpd.

Alas, the best I can seem to do with ACLs is to force the browser to
ask for a username when the browser is on a disallowed IP address.
This achieves the desired security, because there are no valid
usernames, but is ugly to the user.  Is there some way I can get the
server to return the above error without bothering to ask for a

Hints, help and especially ACL/conf file examples appreciated.



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