Netscape Enterprise Server 4.1 (iPlanet) with external servlet engine (Tomcat) /File upload

Netscape Enterprise Server 4.1 (iPlanet) with external servlet engine (Tomcat) /File upload

Post by tabbyda » Thu, 10 Aug 2000 04:00:00

     Does anyone know how to setup Tomcat as the servlet engine
Netscape's Enterprise Server 4.1?

      Alternately does anyone know a good file upload (either
source, or third party commercial software) for Netscape
Server 4.1?


System info:
        OS: Linux
        Webserver: Netscape Enterprise Server (iPlanet) 4.1.

Problem background info:
        Doing file upload  (in Java Servlets) in several places
in a
webapp.  Made a wrapper to the MultipartRequest class (see,
or the OReilly book on servlets).
        When running the servlets on apache-tomcat file upload
well.  However, when running on Enterprise Server (using
built in servlet engine) the underlying HttpServletRequest gets
(specifically the header/boundary come through but after that
there is
an EOF before any of the message body).  This mangling  is
observed in
my base servlet (from which all the servlets are derived) in the
method before I've called anything else (I've confirmed that both
tracing the problem in Bugseeker and in sending info to a log
outside of Bugseeker).

        Tomcat's source  has a directory for "iis_netscape" but
seems to be designed for iis (will compile to a .dll ...)


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directories on a webserver, but how do I protect a servlet directory?

Also, is there a complete article on how to do NCSA-type authentication
on Netscape webservers? Since they abandoned support for their default
user/group database, it has become a major pain to do any form of
authentication. They require you to run an LDAP server to use any of
the graphical administration tools. If you are familiar
with .htaccess/htpasswd, you can configure netscape to load an htaccess
module. Searching their help database turns up articles from 1996 which
talk about .nsconfig files--but I can't find any explanation of that
for the 4.0 servers.

Please help!

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