Strange error messages in Apache error log

Strange error messages in Apache error log

Post by Sanjay Gogu » Wed, 29 Aug 2001 10:22:28

Hi All,

I have built and configured Apache 1.3.19 with mod_ssl and OpenSSL on
Solaris 7.

Apache Web Server could be accessed using http. But trying to access
AWS using HTTPS from a browser gives error message "A network error
occurred while Netscape was receiving data. (Network Error: I/O

Strange (atleast to me) error messages were logged in conf/error_log
file when tried to access using HTTPS. Error message logged was
"Invalid method in request \200C^A^C ".

Even access_log showed "\200C^A^C" 501 - ".

Does any one know what could be the problem?

Any help in solving this is highly appreciated.

Sanjay R. Gogula


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