Apache: timeout waiting for cgi output

Apache: timeout waiting for cgi output

Post by Jon Drukm » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

i have some cgi scripts that take a while to output data.  it seems
that apache is terminating the request (and thus the cgi) before it
finishes, probably due to the CGI taking a long time between messages.

is there a directive that controls
this?  the documentation for Timeout and KeepAliveTimeout don't mention
whether or not they apply to CGI.

if the value is hardcoded, where in the source can i change it?


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1. waiting for CGI output

To all WWW server/cgi gurus...

How much data does a WWW server receive from a CGI before sending it
to the browser? Is there a certain buffer size on Apache1.1.1 servers
that pertain to this?

The reason I'm asking is this.

Some of my applications do several database calls and format the
results in a few lines of HTML. So, sometimes I'm sending a chunk of HTML
every 3-4 seconds.

The problem is that the user might grow impatient. So I say, why not
have the browser display what it has received so far?

Is there a way to force output through? Maybe by changing server code
or thourgh a header?

I wrote a small script (for simualtion) which doesn't behave as

I wait and wait and wait for output... and wait and wait.
If I take the sleep out though, well I start receiving data pretty
darn fast.


$| = 1;

use CGI qw(:standard);

print header;

print start_html;


while(1) {
    print $i, br, "\n";
    sleep (1);

If anyone has any suggestions or can point me to appropriate
resources, I'd be mighty grateful.


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