Announce: TECForM 2.0 E-Mail->WWW gateway

Announce: TECForM 2.0 E-Mail->WWW gateway

Post by rmei.. » Sun, 30 Mar 1997 04:00:00

ANNOUNCE Template Extended Cgi Form Mailer (TECForM) 2.0

Tecform 2.0 is a CGI script that allows the mailing of a
completely template specified Mime compliant mail through an HTML mailform.

It lets you specify within the mail form (in so called hidden fields)
a template in which different fields of the form are filled in.
This way the output format of the mail can be exactly specified.

Tecform allows you to specify within the form which fields
of the form are manditory an which are not. So you will not recieve a
mail if the form is not completely filled in with all the information
that you need.It also has the posibility of specifiing regular
expressions for fields, and setting error messages or documents that are
called when a regular expression or a manditory field is not OK

If you ar running a WWW site you will notice that a lot of questions can
be awnsered by TECForM, you will find out that TECForM will awnser most of your
mailing needs. TECForM can save you hundreds of programming hours on different
CGI scripts that need to output mail, with TECForM you can configure this one
CGI script to meet your wishes from within the form that is used to call the
script. This makes TECForM certanly one of the most flexible mail cgi scripts
arround, and what is better you get it free.

There has been a large list of enhanements from the verrt basic 1.0.3

  *  Added Mime compliancy
     Tecform does now generate completely Mime compliant mesages with
     completely configurable mime types, it supports all the mime encoding
     types (7bit,8bit,binart,quoted-printable and base64), you can even
     make use of multiple templates and make a multipart mime message with
     a different mime type for each part.
  *  Added regular expressions to TECForm enabling you to set a regular
     expression to what a field should match. This way you can completely
     specify what the content of a field should be, so the submitter of the
     form will not be able to fill in rubish
  *  Added 'debug' function, to make it easyer to debug a mailform.
     by turning on the debug switch you can find out whats wrong with
     your regex definitions or mlneeded fields.
  *  Added multiple (numbered) erordocuments, and errortexts, you can now
     split up invalid input into (a maximum of 99) different errordocuments,
     to make it more clear to the submitter what he did wrong.
     For fast form generation you can now also use a simple errortext
     instead of a error document.
  *  Added cgi admin for tecform, to make the new features easy to
     administer. It is now posible to do some administrative tasks
     on tecform truegh the use of your browser.
  *  Added administrable userbase, to make comercial exploitation of tecform
     easier. You can now from the admin function specify either a list of
     valid e-mail adresses, or regular expressions for e-mail adresses
     to completely controll who could be mailed to using TECForM.
     This makes it more easy to exploit TECForM comercialy.
  *  Added administrable referer base. Just like with the userbase you
     can now also truegh the admin function restrict the place a TECForM
     html form could be submitted from.
  *  Added the posibility to send 'local' adresses to the local mailserver
     instead of the local machine. With the former versions of TECForM you
     were able to restrict the use of TECForM to local users only, what
     in fact only is usefull if the www server is the same machine mail
     is on, what is not always the case, this problem is now fixed.
  *  Added the posibility to send e-mail in TECBase formatting, allowing the
     e-mail to be processed by client side TECBase complient database
     template programs.
  *  Made a workaround for a bug in MSIE, that seems to send %0D where it
     should send %0A, this workaround will only work untill Microsoft

     that will mean i will have to adapt the workaround a bit.
  *  Added checking of sendmail return values, i know i should have done that
     from the start, but i gues i am human to.
  *  Added shadow function into tecform, to make shadowing more easy,
     remember, tecform is 'shadowware' now.
  *  Made 'ENVIROMENT' substitution configurable. Some people seem to find
     it scary to have users fetch their httpd's enviroment variables,
     for that reason the enviroment stuff can now be switched off using
     the admin function.
  *  'Received:' line, telling what IP the form was submitted from/
  *  Improved setup script.
  *  NT dir, you have now a reasonable change getting TECForM installed
     on NT/95
  *  Added some more examples of TECForm html forms.
  *  Posibility of simple singleuser install
  *  Response Header file.

I wish you much pleasure with the new release of TECForM.

Rob J Meijer


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