proplems with Apache 1.3.14/PHP 4/mod_perl

proplems with Apache 1.3.14/PHP 4/mod_perl

Post by sc.. » Sun, 17 Dec 2000 00:49:02

Hello All,

I was using the precompile binaries for Apache under Debian Linux until
it broke with my setup.  I am virtual hosting 25+ domains with some
domains having multiple sites.  I need to have mod_perl for the
HTML::Mason that some sites are using, I need php4 for some other sites,
and eventually I will need mod_ssl to do https traffic for some sites (i
the near future).

I compiled apache with everything (the default set of modules) as
builtin and the server works fine (no php, no mod_perl).

Then I compiled apache the same way execpt with so module added and
everything shared.  It would start up but not server any pages on any

Then I compiled apache with every default module as a builtin and added
module so.  It works for all standard pages and the php pages (php4 is a
DSO module the PHP admin built for me).

So, I tried compiling again the exact same way but with mod_perl as a so
and it seg faults whenever I try to start up apache.

So I tried compiling the same exact way execpt that mod_perl is a
builtin.  segfaults whenever I try to start up apache.

I know that I am doing something very simple that is totally wrong.  But
I can not seem to figure it out.  I think I have gotten lazy over the
past couple years with .pkg/.rpm/.deb files with precompiled binaries.

I could use any/all help/advice,
Thanks in advance,

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I'm trying to install the latest version of mod_perl on Apache 1.3.14
running on Solaris 8.

When I run the perl Makefile.PL, I'm told that we must be running Apache
1.3.0 and it aborts.

I tried modifying the program to fake the $httpdv to believe we had 1.3.0,
and yet when I try to make Apache the make fails (the make install of the
mod_perl does create the necessary directory structure in src\modules in the
Apache src directory).

What steps must I take to get mod_perl installed for Apache 1.3.14?

Thank you.

P.S.  We've tried the install with perl 5.6 and perl 5.005.03.

Peter M. Perchansky

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