Apache, Macintosh, Netscape and calls to javascript files

Apache, Macintosh, Netscape and calls to javascript files

Post by Sherr » Tue, 13 Jun 2000 04:00:00

We seem to have a problem with the Macintosh and the problem
seems to exist with Netscape version 4 browsers ONLY.  The problem is
that the site does NOT load (loads a blank page and says "done") when we use
includes for calling style sheets and .js (javascript files).  What is the
exact syntax and the correct parameters to solve this problem so that we may
still use includes?  Or is the fix not related to the syntax and/or
parameters of the include call but rather an apache stronghold server config
file we may need to edit for a mime type for the mac or a plug-in for
version 4 netscape browsers for the mac etc?  We've tried to call it two
ways yet they make Nav4.08 and Nav 4.72 (128 bit) on the MAC NOT load. The
calls we have tried are noted below.   Thank you!

<SCRIPT SRC="/scripts/MacTest.js" type="text/javascript"

<!--#include virtual="/scripts/MacTest.js"-->


1. Strange behaviour with JavaScript (Netscape+Apache)


I encountered a strange behaviour of my browser when using:
        Netscape Gold 3.0 or 3.1, on W95 and on Unix,
        dynamically created docs with JavaScripts,
        and actions on html files.

The result is like the following :

The code comes from the JavaScript which computes the doc.

This occurs when on the server I add a filter to the html documents.
This filter  adds footer to the html files, and it is shell script.

I can understand if it is related to the server or to the browser.


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