Analog version 4 in beta test

Analog version 4 in beta test

Post by Stephen Turne » Sat, 09 Oct 1999 04:00:00

This message is to announce version 3.90beta1 of analog, the world's most
popular WWW logfile analyser. This is the first beta test for version 4.

I released this version for Unix and Windows last night, and it's propagated
to most of the mirror sites by now. Versions for other operating systems
should follow soon.

Here are the main new features in this version:

Five new reports:
   Organisation Report
   Operating System Report
   Search Word Report
   Search Query Report
   Processing Time Report
Browser Summary improved to break down Mozilla (compatible)'s
Form interface completely rewritten
Multiple *'s now allowed on left-hand side of aliases
Regular expressions allowed in inclusions and aliases
Inclusions and exclusions now apply to lower levels of a hierarchical report
New column in reports for the number of the item in the list
Debugging now reports which part of a corrupt logfile line was corrupt
... and lots of other good stuff!

This version only outputs in English at the moment.

Of course, bear in mind that this is the first beta test, and that no-one
except me has tested it yet. Although I try not to release rubbish even as
a beta test, it will contain bugs, possibly some serious!

Analog is free, open source, software, so feel free to download it and try
it out. Any comments you have would of course be welcome.


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1. Analog 2 in beta testing

This is to announce the release of a new version of analog, 1.9beta, which is
a beta test for version 2.0.

Since analog was first released under eight months ago, it has quickly
established itself as one of the most flexible, and certainly fastest, log
analysers available. This new release makes dozens of new options available
as well as enhancing the program in other ways. It is still easy to install
and run, and produces genuine HTML output. Oh yes, and it's free.

Here are the main changes:
* Six new reports (hourly report, browser report, browser summary, referer
  report, status code report and error report) bringing the total to sixteen.
* Analysis of NCSA/Apache referer log, agent log and combined log formats.
* Graphical time reports (instead of ASCII art) but that still work on text-
  based browsers.
* Can cache old data so that old logfiles can be thrown away.
* Can combine logfiles from several different hosts.
There are lots more changes for flexibility and ease of use which will mainly
be of interest to existing users. They are detailed in the documentation.

Further details, examples of the output, and source code can be found at
<URL:>. Bug reports and feature

Stephen R. E. Turner
  Stochastic Networks Group, Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge

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