BUG in Netscape Communication & Commerce Server

BUG in Netscape Communication & Commerce Server

Post by Christina Bodé » Mon, 17 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I have a BUG in Netscape Communication & Commerce Server web-server running
on UnixWare 2.0. The problem is that I cannot add any more web-ftp-users
than the few (about 10) that I created when installing the server. If I try
to add same more the intranet-web deamon will hang. The bug is reported by
a proffessional guru that caught it about 3 months ago. Now I wonder - has
anyone had the same problem? How long does it usually take before a bug is
taken care of?
Since I'm a novise in unix I bought this ready-to-use-system!
Please send your answer to



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When trying to access http://www.internet.net/ we received the following
error within Netscape:

Error 400
Invalid request "CONNECT www.internet.net:443 HTTP/1.0" (unknown method)

When accessing the page through Mosaic we get the page without any errors!

Looking further into this, we realized that the http site was using a Netsite-Commerce/1.0 server.  Another note is internally we access the outside
world using a proxy server(CERN). On further investigation, we realized
that our environment variable in Netscape, Security Proxy, was set to our
proxy server.  Yet our proxy server (CERN) does not offer any of the
security methods.

How can we enable the CERN Proxy server to be able to pass through Netscapes security queries?  Any information would be helpful!


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