Multiple sites on a single server

Multiple sites on a single server

Post by Raghu Bal » Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I would like to host multiple sites on a single SUN machine and need to
find out which web server supports this the best.  For example, with
Netscape Enterprise, one is forced to run multiple copies of the binary
to support multiple sites.  Is there a web server that can handle
multiple sites running a single binary in memory?  



1. 100-200 or more users hitting a SINGLE SCO SERVER from multiple sites

Has any company out there implemented SCO or SCO Openserver on a single
server with 100-200 users hitting the box at once.
I want to implement a SCO system where there would be 100-200 users hitting
the box hard simultaneously all day every day. I'm currently looking into
dual/quad pentium pro servers with SCSI-2FW RAID controllers and drives
with approx 384 MB RAM and around 20 GB disk storage. Our file sizes top
out at around 250MB per file and the file structure used by our RM-COBOL
based application is ISAM based.

Is anyone running a system with this many users hitting a SINGLE SCO
SERVER? Our terminals are running FacetTerm currently, and they will
continue to if we migrate to SCO. Our PC's will connect via Ethernet and
run Advanced File and Print Server to share files and printers.

Anyone with info, please reply... I'm trying to decide if this is the best
way for my company to approach their system's upgrade.
Brian Keith Smith
Carolina Handling, LLC
Charlotte, NC

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