Apache-SSL: Multiple Certificates With Virtual Servers?

Apache-SSL: Multiple Certificates With Virtual Servers?

Post by a8505.. » Thu, 30 Oct 1997 04:00:00

If I have apache_1.2.4 & SSL (SSLeay-0.8.1, ssl_1.11) can I have multiple
virtual servers such that Apache-SSL will use the correct certificate for
each virtual server (means multiple certificates for the different virtual
servers), or can I use just one certificate for all the virtual servers???

Unfortunately the Apache-SSL documentation is somewhat non-existent.




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I want to create a number of Apache Virtual Servers for different customers.
I have a requirement to provide a Secure Sockets Layer using HTTPS.


has a line saying:

 When I access my secure site, a certificate for another site is displayed
This problem occurs if you assign the same IP address to each host in your
config file. SSL does not support name based virtual hosting (host headers
are encrypted in SSL), so only the first certificate listed in your config
file will be used.

So, as these are commercial customers, how can I configure the Virtual
Servers/Certificates so that they authenticate properly. We were planning to
use a single IP address for all servers, behind a content switch, but now I
am unsure exactly what configuration options I have available.

Anyone suggest a solution or have I misunderstood the problem.



Martyn Kinder G0CZD


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