Apache Problems: SSI / URL-Interpretation

Apache Problems: SSI / URL-Interpretation

Post by Simon Budi » Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi all.

While trying to do some semi-intelligent SSI-Documents (including
parsing of $DOCUMENT_PATH_INFO and $QUERY_STRING...) I found
two oddities / problems with the Apache (1.3.0).

Lets assume in my Document-Root are two files: index.html and test.html.

If I access the following URL:
Apache interprets the "index.html"-part as a directory and returns the
file "test.html". This would be correct, if "index.html" is a directory,
but in this case IMHO it would be more useful to return "index.html" and
set the DOCUMENT_PATH_INFO to "/../test.html"

There is a somehow related problem with Server-Side Includes. If "index.html"
contains the command:
<!--#include virtual="./include/inc.shtml" -->

and the URL http://localhost/index.html is requested everything works
fine. But if
is requested, the SSI-Statement fails (I believe it tries to include

IMHO the <!--#include virtual... --> Statement should be interpreted
relative to current document ($SCRIPT_NAME).

The Problem for me is, that I have to refer to files in a higher
directory (virtual="../include/foo.shtml") and file does not
permit ".."'s...

Any Ideas/comments?




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   WBR, Eugene

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