(USA-NJ) Apache/mod_perl job -- consult or perm -- startup co

(USA-NJ) Apache/mod_perl job -- consult or perm -- startup co

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I'm working at a company that is developing a new Internet service.
It's a consumer-oriented product, to help people with their web
browsing.  We're doing some very new things with our server software.

We need some help with our Apache/mod_perl setup, particularly in
tuning our configuration for best performance.  I've been doing what
I can to read the docs and try various ways to speed things up, but
we really need to have an Apache/mod_perl expert look things over to
make sure we're doing everything right.

For this, we can hire a consultant.  But we're also hiring software
developers with the same skill set into regular job positions.

The skills that we need most are: Apache, mod_perl, squid, Perl, and
CGI.  The following would be a plus: Javascript, Java, C/C++, Linux,
SQL, ActiveX.

(We also have another opening for a good Webmaster.)

We're currently being incubated with funding from a major corporation,
and we intend to spin out as a separate startup company within a short
time.  New hires will enjoy the typical advantages of joining a
"Silicon Valley style" startup -- but on the USA East Coast.

This is not the usual website development job.  This is genuinely a new
concept in Internet services, and there is plenty of opportunity for
you to exercise your creativity and innovative thinking!

We are located in New Jersey about 25 miles west of New York City.  The
consultant or employees must be able to work on-site at our location.
Start date: the earlier the better.

--Jonathan Marshall

(Posted July 21, 1999)

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