PHP module for Acrobat Forms?

PHP module for Acrobat Forms?

Post by Douw Ste » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi there,

Has anyone written a PHP module to extarct/insert Adobe Acrobat FDF
forms fields?
If so, is it freely available?


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I have written a database tool on Windows as a COM components (module)
for ASP. This component simply help me display DB data in an ASP page
using templates (like ColdFusion, I guess), so DB access is written in
C++ and not in Javascript (or VBScript).

I switched to Linux recently and I would like to port my tool.

I think it is best for me to develop my web sites using Apache, PHP,
MySQL, but I still want to port my tool and access DB with C++, and
not let PHP do it, so I can still use my scripts and templates. (If
you have another suggestion, please tell me).

But I am bit confused now about what kind of module I should write.
First I thought that I should write a PHP module in C++ and call it in
PHP (like I am doing now, calling my C++ COM Components in my ASP
pages). Then I read about Apache modules.

Could someone explain me what is the difference between a apache
module and a PHP module, and what solution should be the best for my
problem ?


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