CERN on DEC Alpha (OSF/1) gives SIGPIPE errors with Perl scripts

CERN on DEC Alpha (OSF/1) gives SIGPIPE errors with Perl scripts

Post by Brad Wes » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have the CERN server running on OSF/1 v3.0 and am running into
problems.  I have Perl script that generates a POST form that runs
another Perl script on submit.  However, when the second Perl script
tries to get its values from STDIN, the server logs a SIGPIPE error and
the whole thing comes to a screeching halt.

I've tested the NCSA daemon on the same setup (just another port) and
everything works as expected.  What is it about the CERN daemon on OSF/1
that is causing problems?  I had to patch the imagemap source code to
make imagemap work flawlessly, is there some other patch for Perl, or
even for the CERN source?

Unfortunately, replacing the CERN servers with another product (NCSA)
would be a real nightmare as there are more than 20 of these replicated
all over the place.

Any suggestions?  Please e-mail, I will post a summary.

Thanks in advance.


1. AMD running on OSF/1 (dec/alpha) version 3.2 run on OSF/1 4.0?


        I have a configuration of AMD built under OSF/1 version 3.2

running on OSF/1 version 4.0.  

        I am experiencing a large amount of NFS timeouts and retrys

to remove files between to OSF/1 (dec/alpha) systems.

        One system is running the OSF/1 3.2 OS and the other is running

4.0 OS version.  Both running the same AMD build; (AMD version

%amd -v <cr>


Copyright (c) 1990 Jan-Simon Pendry
Copyright (c) 1990 Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine
Copyright (c) 1990 The Regents of the University of California.
Unofficial patch level 102.
amd of 1992/05/31 16:53:21 bsd44-beta #0: Tue Sep 10 14:01:39
EDT 1996

Map support for: root, passwd, nis, ndbm, file, error.
FS: ufs, nfs, nfsx, host, link, linkx, program, union, auto, direct,
    toplvl, error.
Primary network: primnetname="" (primnetnum=1).
No Subsidiary network.

        Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem?

        Thanks in advance.

Mark Purinton
(617)-891-0000 x282 LAB x-421
BGS Systems, Inc.
Waltham, MA.

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