How is this accomplished?

How is this accomplished?

Post by Gabriel Mill » Thu, 26 Sep 2002 23:36:52

What do webservers like Crutchfield.Com use to create this sticky
aspect to their url? I understand that they are likely using a
microsoft product in this example. But i am speaking more to the
methdology for doing this in terms of using apache (and hopefully
perl) to accomplish the same thing in terms of caching pages for
visiters that are tailored to them and session tracking. Likely its
doable already i just missed it in the many perl modules.



1. How to accomplish centralized timebased data polling ?

I'm trying to write a daemon/server application which polls data
from different hosts (via TCP/IP) in different periods
(configurable and depending on the host). The data is then used
for archiving and/or furhter processing (varias calculations)
on a linux (v2.2.x) based system.

        What is the best way to control the polling of the data?
usleep() doesn't seem to satisfy my needs, because I have
different periods for those hosts.

        I thought about useing SIGALARM, but I'm seeing a problem
when two hosts should be polled at the same time (e.g. host
one polled every 5 secs, host 2 every 10 secs).

        Maybe a pointer to reference or something would be
very nice.


It's only a matter of time before Microsoft
   releases it's own Linux Distribution.

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