ANNOUNCE: WebReader(tm): Coming soon to a newsgroup near you..

ANNOUNCE: WebReader(tm): Coming soon to a newsgroup near you..

Post by John Ro » Tue, 19 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> The Fractal Images Company is proud to announce WebReader(tm), the first
> USENET newsreader written entirely

by people who don't know how to cross-post or what the word 'server'
means.  Sounds like a quick, clean, low overhead, reliable product..

1. Coming soon to a PC near you Microsoft TCP/IP
August 02 2001

The Death of TCP/IP
Why the Age of Internet Innocence is Over

By Robert X. Cringely

"..  Microsoft wants to replace TCP/IP with a proprietary protocol --
a protocol owned by Microsoft -- that it will tout as being more
secure. Actually, the new protocol would likely be TCP/IP with some of
the reserved fields used as pointers to proprietary extensions, quite
similar to Vines IP, if you remember that product from Banyan Systems.
I'll call it TCP/MS  .."

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