Apache proxy?

Apache proxy?

Post by gina » Wed, 19 Jun 2002 02:41:02

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that it is possible
to set up an "Apache proxy" to connect an HTTP client to an HTTPS
server.  Is this true?

If so, I would like to install Apache in my home directory.  What
configuration issues should I pay attention to if I want to set up
such a proxy?

Also, where can I find documentation on setting up an Apache proxy?

BTW, is there an Apache mailing list?  (I went to the Jakarta site,
but I was not able to find any mailing list devoted to the Apache



P.S. The context for the post above is the following.  Elsewhere I

Quote:>I have several accounts (credit cards, bank, etc.) that offer online
>access.  I want to write a robot that periodically visits these
>(secure) sites (using my passwords, of course), collects information
>of interest to me, and e-mails me a report.
>In the past, when I've wanted to write a Perl robot to automate the
>fetching of information from the Web, I've made heavy use of a little
>HTTP proxy written in Perl that I downloaded from the Web some time
>ago.  I've hacked the proxy so that it logs all the communication
>between my browser and the outside.  So I configure my browser to use
>the proxy, and proceed to access websites of interest "manually".
>Then I use the details logged by the proxy to write a Perl/LWP script
>that automates the browser end of this communication.
>This strategy doesn't work for my current project, because the proxy
>script mentioned above misses the HTTPS communication between browser
>and server.

And someone replied:
Quote:>>You can ... set up some proxies (e.g. Apache) to connect an HTTP
>>client to an HTTPS server. By cascading this with your HTTP snooping
>>proxy you could snoop traffic between your client and the HTTPS server.


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Any ideas?  Thanks-


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