Apache, mod-ssl and PHP installation tutorial

Apache, mod-ssl and PHP installation tutorial

Post by Ronnie Clar » Mon, 02 Dec 2002 16:09:50

Does any one have a good and very basic tutorial to get Apache loaded on a
FreeBSD 4.x system with mod_ssl and PHP4.x?

Thanks in advance,
Ronnie C

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1. Apache + mod-ssl + PHP or Perl script


on my Debian 2.2 server I've got Apache 1.3 with mod-ssl. Whenever I
try to run either Perl or PHP4 script using HTTPS/SSL it doesn't work
(I suppose that it ain't interpreted as if the mime-types were not set
corectly) but when I run it insecure (over HTTP) it works fine.

I'd be glad if anyone had some idea what am I doin' wrong.



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