Replacing SSL Certficates in Apache mod-ssl

Replacing SSL Certficates in Apache mod-ssl

Post by Gary Beberma » Tue, 12 Mar 2002 06:12:19

s it a bad idea to install self-signed certificates on a server before
installing one signed by a CA?

I have a new application in which my
development environment has no SSL.  The application is going onto a
brand new server and, while the CA is generating the certificate, I would
like to get the SSL components in place, moving things onto the eventual
production server.

If I do so with a self-signed certificate, expecting
to put on a CA-signed one in a week or so, am I asking for trouble?  What
must I do to put the CA-signed on in place?  Merely stop the server and
replace the ca.crt, ca.key, ca.db.index and ca.db.serial


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