looking f/ website admin software

looking f/ website admin software

Post by Jeff Maynar » Mon, 17 May 1999 04:00:00

I have seen several web service providers using a web site
administration control panel  that is called from a "/cpanel" directory
within a URL.

This admin. control panel is made up of perl applications & is run on
Redhat 5.1 machines with Apache server.  It provides HTML form
interfaces for managing virtual POP accounts, FTP sites, mail lists,
autoresponders, counters, clocks, guest books, etc.

Has anyone heard of  this or a similar product ?

Any information you could provide me would be helpful.
Thank you,
Jeff Maynard


looking f/ website admin software

Post by core » Tue, 18 May 1999 04:00:00

> Has anyone heard of  this or a similar product ?

Yes, I occasionally use it simply because my ISP installed it; what
exactly did you want to know?  It doesn't do anything fancy; nothing you
couldn't write yourself in a few minutes.  Basically just modifies text


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I'm looking for Linux software that will monitor activity on a dialup server
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done anything in N minutes.

The objective is a more or less standard one for small ISP's ... let people
stay on for as long as they want to while they're doing something, but don't
let them camp on the line for days at a time doing nothing.

The software should detect and reject things like pingbots as are used by
some dialup users to defeat the ISP's inactivity monitors.

And, I would like the source so that I can modify the program to only
actually kick anyone off if some percentage of the phone lines become full
... that way, during slow times when lines are free, I can let them stay on
as long as they want even if they aren't doing anything.

Any suggestions?

Thanks ...

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