Problem with Reason Line in Status line of a http response from Tomcat

Problem with Reason Line in Status line of a http response from Tomcat

Post by Bo » Thu, 17 Oct 2002 17:23:45

I have a very particular question for an expert!
When my Tomcat send back a http response to a web browser, the status
line is like this:

HTTP/1.0: 200

There is no reason line, the status should be like this:

HTTP/1.0: 200 OK

So is there a way to configure Tomcat to make it send the Reason line




1. Status line in HTTP header with Apache

We are working with apache as a reverse proxy, to access an internal host.

When we access certain CGI, the proxy is adding an additional header(status
line). The consequences are  that the browser displays a first line with :

HTTP/1.0 200 OK date Server: 1.0  Content-type: text/html Content-length:

In fact the browser receives two headers, and uses  the first one. This is
not really nice for text, but disastrous for images, since they cannot be

After a long troubleshooting session, we found out that the reason is that
our application is sending back a status header with two spaces instead of
just one. The normal syntax is :

HTTP/1.0 SP 200 SP OK

with SP: Space character (20hex)

and what our application delivers is

HTTP/1.0 SP SP 200 SP OK

Once we removed the additional space, the proxy worked correctly.
IE and Netscape are accepting the two SP as if just one was present. So is
this a bug or the normal way for a proxy to work ?

TIA for your advice

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