NS enterprise 3.01 to 3.51

NS enterprise 3.01 to 3.51

Post by Yoo-Shin L » Fri, 04 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Where are the directions for upgrading and migrating
3.01 servers to 3.51?

Can I just overwrite 3.01? Do I need to update the 3.01
server configs?

Rene Rilke


1. servlets with NS enterprise server 3.51

Hello all.

Ist there anyone with experience in using java servlets on a
NS-Enterprise server 3.51?

Following problem: NSrunner seems to support only an outdated
version of the Servlet Classes. It does not support new features
like the getWriter-Method.

Is there an update available? Where can i get help?

gaylord aulke
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