Apache:mod_rewrite syntax help please

Apache:mod_rewrite syntax help please

Post by Stev » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

If someone could help I would be most gratefull.

My problem (I'm not a mod_rewrte/reg_ex expert).

I have a login-page on my server and would like to restrict access to
the rest of the documents below the login-page based on the
HTTP_REFERER  variable.

I'd like to have:
access to /login                open to the world.
access to /login/dir            open only to those refered by /login
access to /login/dir/subdir     open only to those referred by a                                
document in /dir or /dir/subdir

I know mod_rewrite can re-direct a document based on the HTTP_REFERER
variable to point to /login if it is NULL or from another server but I
need help on the syntax.

M*of the story:
I don't want someone to simply type:
verify through the login page his/her username / password / REMOTE_HOST
/ REMOTE_IDENT / hair color / shoe size / shampoo brand, yada, yada,

Also how difficult is it to 'fake' the http_referer variable providing I
look at the FQDN and not the document name?

Thanks in advance.

Steve /..


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Hi all,

my web server was set up a year ago by a friend of mine who is no
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hours with FAQs, documentation and googleing - I still don't have a

The httpd.conf doesn't contain the usual large piece of "LoadModule xy
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Any help would be fine!

Adi Dax

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