cannot auth with mod_auth_db after installing berkeleydb 3.2 port

cannot auth with mod_auth_db after installing berkeleydb 3.2 port

Post by Anonymo » Tue, 03 Jul 2001 09:12:25

Using FreeBSD 4.2 and Apache 1.3.20 on a non-production test system.
I installed Berkeley DB 3.2.9 and perl module BerkeleyDB using the
FreeBSD ports. I installed DB_File to use DB3. Now dbmmanage creates
password files that are type DB3. I determined this with dbinfo.
Now, my broswer can't get past the name and password prompts when
accessing files protected with AuthDBUserFile.
I watched the Apache install messages and saw a message say it was
installing BerkeleyDB1. I am not smart enough to adjust the helper
Did BerkeleyDB 3.2 break mod_auth_db?
I am just going to re-install all again. The ports system is great and
easy to use. But it makes me dumb.

1. cannot get VMware 3.2 to install RedHat 8.0?

Can anyone help here...

 My system:
 Win2K Adv Svr (sp3)
 VMware 3.2
 Compaq DL380 (dual 1GHz, 2GB RAM)

 Process taken:
 downloaded ISO from RedHat
 burned to CD
 built Linux VM, normal options, nothing fancy
 booted from CD within VM
 installed most optional software (DNS, server, tools, etc)
 *install seemed to go just fine.

 rebooted VM
 after BIOS info pops up: blank screen... no message, nothing at all comes
 up! Just a cursor... not blinking even.

 Any ideas?

 thanks for the help in advance!

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