Special Issue of Software Practice & Experience on Web Software

Special Issue of Software Practice & Experience on Web Software

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                        CALL FOR SUBMISSION

The World Wide Web has become an extremely popular Internet application, with
both individuals and organisations producing Web pages.  The underlying
representation used in the Web, HTML, is not easy to read or write.
Consequently, many groups are building software that helps create and manage
Web pages.

The editors of the journal `Software, Practice and Experience' are especially
interested in receiving submissions that describe Web software.  The articles
will be published in a special issue in Spring of 1997.  To be part of the
special issue, submissions must be received by 30 September 1996.

All submissions must meet the normal scholarly standards for the journal; they
will be subjected to peer review like other articles.  

Please see the journal for details of the submission procedure.

Andy Wellings
European Editor


1. FEED Special Issue on Free Software

[posted and mailed as advertisers don't generally read followups.]

What about KDE?  You don't cover KDE?  KDE is open source and while at
the time the KDE developers weren't certified lawyers and didn't
recognise that the GPL interacted badly with Qt, KDE is *now* moving
to Artistic and Qt is to go open source.  Furthermore, the kdelibs
have always been under the LGPL.

I've been using a version slightly older than KDE 1.1 since Feb 4.  It
is *rock* solid and a beautiful piece of work (it is certainly not
perfect, there a lot of things I would like to see improved in it).
KDE isn't irrelevant, it's here now.  If anyone is leading the charge
against Windows, it is KDE.  GNOME on the other hand, going by your
own interview, was founded as a reaction to KDE.

As a journalist, don't you feel an obligation to cover the whole
story?  Or would you rather let politicians decide for you?


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