"invalid CGI ref foo.cgi in bar.shtml"

"invalid CGI ref foo.cgi in bar.shtml"

Post by Adam Bebe » Sun, 11 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Using the Server - NSCA 1.4.1

I have a file that generates the error message
"invalid CGI ref foo.cgi in bar.shtml" when in one user's directory, but
works fine when the same files are in another users.

The global access file is the same for both users and neither is
overriding any defaults. The only difference is that one works and the other

Can anyone translate the error message, NSCA's site doesn't seem to do so...


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My server keeps giving me the following error when I try to include and
exec cgi in the html source:. My sysadmin adn I have been trying to figure
it out. I hope it is something obvious. I am trying to exec CGI in my
personal dir ( ~me/cgi-bin )

In the server's error log, I get the following line when I try to load
http://magenta.com/~sms/test.shtml  I have no idea why the server is
appending the ../ to the script name.

[Tue Feb 13 13:08:34 1996] invalid CGI ref getwd: can't open
../ssi_rand_image.cgi in /usr/users/sms/WWW/test.shtml

Includes are enabled, CGI's enabled, and both working. Exec CGI's just
wont work.

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