apache AliasMatch question

apache AliasMatch question

Post by Rusty Wrigh » Thu, 21 Oct 1999 04:00:00

The online documentation for AliasMatch give as an example

  AliasMatch ^/icons(.*) /usr/local/apache/icons$1

and I'm wondering why they don't have the slashes in there as in

  AliasMatch ^/icons/(.*) /usr/local/apache/icons$1

Perhaps they wanted to match things like /icons-jpg or /iconswhatever.


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(I don't think this was posted, so this is a repost! Sorry
if you're seeing this twice!)

I have a question that maybe others could answer:

I'm in the process of changing servers from Netscape
to Apache.  In my Netscape configs, we have home
directories set up with the www.domain.name/~user
to go to the an html directory in the users home

Here's the problem: in Apache, the home directory
listed in /etc/passwd, but on our Netscape
server, we have a *specfic* file (set up like
/etc/passwd) and it uses the path listed there
and NOT the one in /etc/passwd.   Is there a way
to make Apache read the paths from a different

I looked at the AliasMatch as an option, but
that only works if all of the paths in the file
for the users match.  There are special paths
that would not work (i.e  if we wanted ~stuff
to go to a non-user directory, the AliasMatch
would fail. Yes, we could add an alias, but we have
a TON of these).

Any ideas would be appreciated!


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