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Provider Link

Post by Alexandre Vinha » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

  I'd like to know, what i need to be a link WWW provider, i wanto to know about
hardware and software.
  I live at Rio de Janeiro- Brasil and i alread know how to get until Internet Brasil Link Provider that was Embratel
but i don't know with machine to by, Unix or NT, how to get the callings there must to have
a Calling Server , where to find it on U.S.A and with providers of it.

   I apriciatte your attention.




1. Multiple PPP links to different providers


 I have an ISDN/TA and a 56K modem both connected to
 my FreeBSD3.2 box. I have two ISP accounts Demon and
 Eidos. I have configured user PPP with 2 tunnel devices
 to work with TA to Demon and the 56k modem to Eidos.
 Both these configurations work and I can connect to both
 simultaneously. (Incidentally, I'm not paying for the line)

 My question is what can I do to route outbound packets
 to the correct interface to maximize my bandwidth ?

 I guess I need to configure 'routed' but this will probably
 force the lines to be connected all the time for route information

 What I want to do is be totally disconnected when no outbound
 traffic is present, to connect to the ISDN first when traffic
 arrives and set this as the default route, when the bandwidth usage
 peaks at a set level connect with the modem and inteligentally
 route packets to the correct interface.

 Is any of this possible, or is my head in the clouds ?

 I know this probably sounds mad, but I have the equipment so
 I want to use it. I'm not keen on throwing out my 56k modem
 when even with my ISDN I need more bandwidth. One worry
 is that running 'routed' might increase the bandwidth requirement
 for it's routing information that the whole thing is not worth doing.

 I thought about MultiLink/PPP since demon is about to launch this
 but I will still want my modem on as well.

Thanks in advance,

Liam D. Remond.

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